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Server Rules

Below are our private server Policies, Rules and Sanctions. By registering to our server you agree to the following Rules, Policies and Sanctions in-game, website and forum. It is highly recommended that you read and understand the entire page, so you won't have any questions after. There's an entire history behind these rules, and they are meant to serve one purpose, to keep a decent and educated community on our server.

1. Fairness Restrictions

You are NOT allowed to use any 3rd party software such as hacks, accelerators, packet sniffers and/or editors, bots or any other tool or program that may affect or simply interact with the client and/or server.
You are NOT allowed to exploit any possible in-game bug, no matter the situation!
You are NOT allowed to register fake guilds to occupy participating slots at Castle Siege.
You are NOT allowed to use multiple accounts in a reason to get (cheat) more Credits.
You are NOT allowed to glitch any of the game mechanics.
Hiding a bug or glitch, even if not using it, will be punished according to this rule, ANY bug or glitch you may find while playing MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY to the administration!

- Punishment: Permanent Account Block, no exceptions! If necessary associated accounts as well.

2. Code of Good Manners

/post chat is to be used only in English, since it's addressed to public and because it's an international server.
Its purpose is to help trade announcements, party matching, guild recruitment and assistance for new players. Excessive chit-chat or spam will be infracted.
You are NOT allowed swear at and/or threaten other players.
A large "collection" of bad words can be found here:
Repeated or family related insults will result in a ban, temporary or permanent depending on the severity.
We DO NOT care if you were provoked or anything else, refrain yourself.
You are NOT allowed to discriminate, IN ANY FORM! Place of birth, politics, religious, sexual etc.
The above rules also apply for characters or guilds names and also for guild emblems.
Lots of effort and time have been put in this server, therefor disrespecting and/or insulting any member of our staff is OUT OF LIMITS, no matter the situation!
The rules apply no matter the context form (CLEAR, MASKED or ABBREVIATED) of the INSULT, DISCRIMINATION or NAME!

- Punishment: Warning, Character Ban and up to Permanent Account Block, depending on the severity.

3. Staff Impersonation

Do NOT act, threaten or request anything in the name of a staff member or the staff itself.
Do NOT pretend to be a friend or relative of any member of our staff team.

- Punishment: Permanent Account Block, and if necessary associated accounts as well.

4. Chatting and Global Posting

You are NOT allowed to ADVERTISE ANYTHING EXCEPT for trading items (B> and S>) and MU guides links, NO SERVERS, CHEATS, PORN or any unwanted names or links.
You are NOT allowed to spam in public chat (normal chat, gens chat and /post)

- Punishment: Warning, Character Ban and up to Permanent Account Block, and if necessary associated accounts as well.

5. Fraud and Virtual Goods

You are NOT ALLOWED to trade accounts.
You are NOT ALLOWED to trade items for real money.
You are NOT ALLOWED to sell or buy leveling or items farming services for real money.
You are NOT ALLOWED to ask for any kind of "taxes", such as for spot, place in a party etc.

- Punishment: Permanent Account Block, and if necessary associated accounts as well.

6. Misleading Reports

Accusing a player or a group of players of cheating/hacking/etc. in public with no solid proof, will not be tolerated. Not only it marks innocent people as bad guys but also it gives the server a bad image, when it is not necessary. We currently know no hack programs to work on Luminous MU.
If supposedly you know someone for sure is using something or hiding something, or you may have found a working software or exploit, you can simply report it to the administration or on the forum.
You are NOT allowed to falsely accuse and/or report other players or staff members based on your anger, envy or anything else not present in the current rules.

- Punishment: Warning, Character Ban and up to Permanent Account Block, depending on the severity.

7. Refund Policy

Our products sold in our website are considered as digital products.
We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is submitted.
We recommend to contact us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or using our products.
By buying our product from our website you agree that, because of the nature of the products sold, which are digital, there are no refunds under any circumstance.
If you submit any payment you agree that you will not dispute, ask for a partial refund, or a full refund.
If you do not agree to the above do not submit any payment.

8. Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?
We collect information from you when you register on our site or place an order. When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your: name or e-mail address. You may, however, visit our site anonymously.
What do we use your information for?
Any of the information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:
To personalize your experience - your information helps us to better respond to your individual needs.
To improve our website - we continually strive to improve our website offerings based on the information and feedback we receive from you.
To improve customer service - your information helps us to more effectively respond to your customer service requests and support needs.
To process transactions - Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than for the express purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested.
How about Log files and Cookies?
Your privacy is important to us. Log files are maintained and analysed of all requests for files on this website's web servers. Log files do not capture personal information but do capture the user's IP address, which is automatically recognized by our web servers.This website does not store any information that would, on its own, allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission. Any cookies that may be used by this website are used either solely on a per session basis or to maintain user preferences. Cookies are not shared with any third parties.

9. About Donators

We thank you for donating to our server and that we are able to enhance our server for the better.
However, there are rules to be listed:
Any donation made is non-refundable.
If you have donated once or 100 times, it doesn't matter, you are still equal with any other player(s) who hasn't donated at all.
Donators don't have more importance in what they say than any other players. This means, that every player that donates are to be treated equally the same as non-donators.
If rules are broken donators can also be banned easily just like any players.
If for any reason a donator gets banned, all items in his account(s) will be blocked along with the account. It will also not be returned to him/her under any circumstances.

10. Server Admin Staff Authority

a) The Admin’s decisions are absolute. There is no reason for you or anyone to challenge an Admin’s decision. You will be permanently ban in our server for challenging an Admin. Once it has been decided then the suspension or ban is no longer a discussion.
b) Members and Game Masters must respect the Admins at all times. Admins has no reasons to disrespect you as long as you don’t give the Admins the reason to disrespect you in the game or forum.
c) Members and Game Masters must not PK or kill any Admins in-game. They are in-game to conduct investigation and testing. Bothering an Admin will result to schedule testing delays. If you want to test damage or test duel with an Admin then make sure you ask for permission.
d) Members and Game Masters who uses any types of insults towards an Admin will receive a permanent character ban and possible permanent account ban. If you deleted that ban character and created another character using the same I.P. address and consistently bothering or insulting an Admin then you will be ban. - Character / Account and I.P. address permanent ban.
e) Members and Game Masters is prohibited to protest negative remarks towards an Admin.
f) Admin's have the right to, without question, violate any rules that they deem necessary for the benefit of the community.
g) The only time that an Admin will ask you for your account username is when you report an issue with your account or something you bought in our server web shop. Admin’s will never ask for any of your password or your personal information.

11. Server Game Master Staff Authority

a) Members must respect our Game Masters. If you don’t, Game Masters will not give you any respect.
b) Members must not PK or kill any Game Masters while in PK zone. If you plan on killing them, ensure you ask for permission.
c) Members who protest or challenge any Game Masters in-game and forum without proofs will result to account permanent ban.
d) Members who uses any types of insults towards a Game Master will receive a permanent character ban. If you deleted that ban character and created another character using the same I.P. address and consistently bothering or insulting a Game Master will be ban. - Character / Account and I.P. address permanent ban.
e) Game Masters has the right to ban anyone in-game and forum for investigation purposes. The Game Master must report to Admin for details and proofs in regards with the ban.
f) Game Masters must not use and disclose their regular normal account. All Game Masters must have a separate Game Master account. Any Game Masters who reveals their identity to any players and/or family members will result to staff removal without warning.

12. Server Game Master Staff are prohibited in the following

a) Asking members for their personal information such as: passwords and etc.
b) Using Game Master Account in any way to benefit personal regular or normal account.
c) Participating Castle Siege Event.
d) Moving characters in-game without any valid reasoning.
e) Disrespecting players. Game Masters are prohibited to disrespect any players in-game or on forum. If you find that they have disrespected you in any way then you can give the same treatments towards that player. Ensure you have screenshots and or proofs.

13. Agreement

Important Information:
Whenever you feel you're doing something wrong, then it probably is! We don't consider excuses such as "I didn't know it was against the rules".
We DO NOT care it was your brother, grandma or dog on your account and breaking the rules!
Account Block MEANS All-Inclusive, don't waste your time asking for items transfers or anything from a banned account.
Never ask to be unbanned, it won't happen no matter how nice you ask or how sorry you are.
If you get banned 3 times, your account will be blocked permanently.
In rare situations if it's not rule #7,8,9,10,11,12 and it happens that you are innocent but you got banned, please send a ban appeal and an explanation to [email protected]

* We reserve the right to block access of some users regardless of the rules listed above.
** The above rules are subject to change at any time without notice.


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